XM | REMEMBER MORE Good Times Together

XM | REMEMBER MORE Good Times Together - XM | SURF MORE

Checkout one of our classic and still being used XM refrigerators...  do you recognize any of these stickers from back in the day?  Share with us your old XM | SURF MORE memories or other epic surf stories from back in the day (in the comments section below) and let's REMEMBER MORE good times together.  Shhh...  don't tell anyone but there might just be a little surprise for you after you post.  ;-) 

XM SURF MORE Fridge with Classic Surf Stickers from Back In The Day



  • Keith

    So Rad! This looks like the door to my room when I was a grom. Not only did I use XM leashes back then in the late 80’s, I had the awesome experience of working for Bob Nealy as the XM rep in New England in the early 2000’s. It still is the only leash me and my family use to this day.

  • johnny

    Sorry , I meant to also say I’ve been using your leashes on my Body board expeditions since I was first introduced to you in 86. Thank you

  • johnny

    I would love to have some XM Surfmore stickers! Let me know and I will buy! – Aloha!

  • Rick Smith

    XM is the G.O.A.T!

  • justin

    Been using XM products for almost 30 years. Had a T shirt of the sticker on the fridge, that wore away to nothing.

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