Introducing: XM LEASH LAB - 100% Customized Leashes From XM | SURF MORE

Introducing: XM LEASH LAB - 100% Customized Leashes From XM | SURF MORE - XM | SURF MORE

XM | SURF MORE announces the dawn of a new era in accessories: Custom Leashes


Hey man, where’d you get that leash?

Am asking because, you know, it matches your outfit. And your tail-pad. And your board art. Not that surfing is a fashion show or anything, but if you’re going to do it, might as well look good, right?

Did you ever wonder where do leashes come from anyway?

Didn’t you always kind of assume leashes were being churned by filthy machines and sweat shop umpa lumpas somewhere far away and less fortunate. You almost didn’t even want to know, right?

Well, at least for XM | SURF MORE, that's not the case — but most other major brands are unfortunately churned out far, far away...

This week, XM | SURF MORE announced via the Surfline Gear Guide, their new 100% customazable leash program XM LEASH LAB.

That’s a mouthful. And what does it even mean?

Well, first off it means that right now you can match your leash to your traction to your board art to your school colors. Or do Rasta colors. Or Red-White-and-Blue. Or whatever you want. Totally. Custom. Leashes.

It’s easy. Just log onto, pick your colors for the cord, strap, webbing, velcro, rail saver, pull tab… everything. Pick the length, thickness and strap type. Include a tangle-free (just do it). Hit send. And in a few days you’ll have your new, personalized leash in a fancy XM LEASH LAB box. Because that’s how you roll.


But what this REALLY means is that your leash was made by hand. By real people. Here in America. (Well, at least for XM | SURF MORE — other brands, not so much.)

Amazing, right? Or maybe not. This is how all XM leashes are made, which is why we figured we ought to just let you pick the colors and features you want.

After all, if you’re gonna surf, might as well look good doing it.

Yes but that's only just part of it...

XM LEASH LAB is cool. Supporting American-made is even cool. But first and foremost, XM | SURF MORE leashes are the finest quality on the market. We know that because we’ve been doing it for over 40 years. And when it comes down to it, quality is what matters most.

Let’s be honest: when was the last time someone asked you where you got your leash?

That’s just silly.

[XM | SURF MORE creates the highest quality action sports leashes and accessories. Founded in 1973 by South California garage inventor Bob Nealy, XM leashes were the first to incorporate the Velcro strap and have continued to pioneer with inventions like the Power Clip, Tangle Free system and EZ Fit. Also providing leash solutions for Stand-Up Paddle (SUP), kayaks, body-boards and big wave surfing, as well as roof-racks, board-bags and traction.  XM | SURF MORE Leashes are proudly made by hand in the USA.]







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  • JD

    Awesome product! I happened to get a custom leash by XM before leash lab came out. It’s great to know they’ve streamlined the process. Will definitely use LL in the future.

    To XM: please add hand-tied leashes as an option!

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